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How do I play this game? Adobe Flash is dead.

Adobe Flash discontinued. The game no longer works.

You might want to have a look at BlueMaxima's Flashpoint and the (flash) game preservation project behind it.

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I looked into it, however it seems it bloats in size as I play more Flash games. Fortunately Adobe recently released a projector to rectify the disruption of Flash game support.

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You can download the flash player projector here

Then from within the player, File > Open this link

Thank you. Playing now.

So this flash projector has worked well for you? I'd love to play Terry's old flash games, thought I'd check to see how well it was for you first :)

Yes. It did the trick.


I discovered this game after playing Dicey Dungeons.   Wow, I was blown away!!  I try to review every game I finish and even flash game like this I thought deserved one.  Keep up the good work.

Hey, thanks very much! :)

Hey Terry, how come some Flash games aren't playable anymore for now?