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It says "press start" but that's the button to retry. :P

Cool mini game love the visuals! :)

i wish i could be a square...


finally i can fulfill my dream of being a triangle


Nice, I got 9200

nice game -- seems simple but there are a lot of little subtleties that force the player to make interesting decisions on the fly: differing heights, rotating, moving, fixed jump height.

good example of getting a lot of millage out of very few mechanics.

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Got 28206. But it gets laggy when you get around 25k, probably because all the obstacles behind you are staying loaded. Terry pls fix this :) So for example all the obstacles behind the last checkpoint you've picked could be deleted.


To be honest... Im addicted to this, and I'm surprised! Because I dont like infinite runners. But this game made me realize that is just because the ones I have played are poorly design.

What I liked of this one is that is very well designed, it feels more like playing some Fall Guys trial than a normal runner.

The control is awesome, very responsive, and I'm impressed that for being so simple, is so adictive.

To be honest, I imagine it perfectly having some "juice", effects, etc.... it could be a time eater.

Good work Terry, you are a legend (I love VVVVVV), and you showed your talent even in that simple game. 

hey guys who are playing this there are wrap arounds in this game lookout for them


Love it :)

A couple of things that feel unfair when they happen:

- A succession of jumps between small platforms, where misjudging the departure point of the first jump means you can never recover and will always overshoot the final platform in the sequence (which is often obscured anyway). It feels like more complex control over jumping would spoil the game, but maybe you can do some game-feel-magicTM on the platform sizes or spawning in that scenario to make it recoverable.  

- A horizontally moving platform after a giant cylinder path bifurcation. The cylinder blocks your view so you don't know there's a moving platform to consider, and so what happens is that you go right, for instance, and discover the platform you need to land on is too far in the opposite direction to reach. It's possible this falls into the git gud school of Triangle Running, but it always feels like an impossible jump.


on the small platform jumps, you can move diagonally in the air back and forth to slow yourself down and not miss the last one, i.e. git gud


Great game, Terry has truly mastered these games structured like super hexagon. I got ~28000 score, but it gets laggy out there unfortunately, maybe all the previous obstacles are staying loaded behind you? I also tried getting a high score without any checkpoints, but eventually the map stopped generating at around 5000 score lol


This is the game that sold me on Godot as a decent game engine ^^

Difficult arcade game.

Very nice game it has a nice challenge to it. 

So awesome Terry! Would love to provide art for one of your games one day.

music make you lose control



Ok this game is tough. With the random generating levels/stages and timing of jumps, yikes!

anybody else lose to jumping with the beat?

Really fun! I can pretty consistently get >10k in every run. Unfortunately I think that there are some situations where there is no deterministic solution. This happens when there are certain combinations of spinning platforms -- especially with the big square -- and there's just no way to run up to the square when it happens to be turned without a near diagonal. It's a bit frustrating when that happens.

After playing for a while, my only complaint is that I noticed I am wincing when reaching a checkpoint because of the flashing light. Keeping my eyes open is physically painful, and it feels better to keep my eyes closed while going through checkpoints to avoid seeing the strobe.

Its very nice it and kinda looks  like a old game

Excellent game! So what are your thoughts on Godot, now that the jam is complete? Will you be using it for future projects?

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Nice game I like it. And the music. BUT I found a way to have an infinite score...
edit --> I just found that somebody already say that in the comment...
edit 2 --> I got 17133! I will try to make it again while recording...

Feels a bit incomplete without extra lives and a high score screen.

yeah, agreed - planning to add those to a post jam version!

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I love the crunchy sound effects and the variety of obstacles. Easy enough to pick up and it's challenging enough that I actually wanted to try over and over to get a better score.

This was a really fun and challenging game. Keep up the good work! 

Sweet little game. I love the artstyle!

Hard as nails!

The jump being a fixed distance is a deliberate decision right? I've ended up over-jumping and falling to my death quite a lot.

Yep! Yeah it's supposed to be constant, it's better that way I think.

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Great game! It's quite addicting. My best score so far is 9041.

Edit: 10849!!

Also should mention, you might want to put the controls in there just to be clear.

Edit 2: 11078!!

Edit 3: Um, I found a glitch. I failed the obstacle where you have to jump around a rectangle, and instead of falling, my triangle ran into the wall without falling. I can't jump, I can move side to side, but my score is just constantly going up now. Hasn't yet beaten my PB though.

Edit 4: So, to do the glitch, just jump into that wall I was talking about.

Oh yeah, I changed the collider at the last minute to fix a different bug, and didn't check that! Something to fix for an update, haha

(11078 is a great score)


I love it, the music really sets the mood. It was pretty challenging, mostly when the gap was bigger than usual, usually couldn't get past those haha. Almost made it to 5k on my best,  guess I have to keep trying ;3

The controls are good and feel responsive, good game =)

Charming infinite runner.  I only got 3500 points.  I like the randomly generated map.

I think there's something wrong with the Mac version, I've downloaded and extracted it multiple times, but it says the app is damaged and can't be opened.


It's a recent problem with app signing. A way to fix it is to run 

xattr -d "Triangle" 

from the terminal. Then it should run fine.

That worked, thank you!


thanks for this! Gonna look into doing this properly for v1.1!

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High score so far is 7869 points! I love the triangle friend.

Edit: 10553 on the post-jam version!