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Bosca Ceoil is a free, easy to use tool for creating music!

  • Bosca is designed for beginners! It takes less than five minutes to learn, and comes with a quick built in tutorial to walk you through everything, step by step.
  • Bosca supports lots of different scales and chords, so even if you've never composed music before, it's really easy to get something that sounds good straight away.
  • No messing around getting instruments to work! Bosca comes with over a hundred presets, including MIDI and Chiptune instuments.
  • Bosca Ceoil is completely free, and open source!

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Published Jul 29, 2015
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorTerry Cavanagh
Tagsbosca, MIDI, Music
MentionsGet ready for Ludum Dare: Game developme...


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boscaceoil_win_v2.zip 21 MB
boscaceoil_mac_v2.zip 24 MB
boscaceoil_v2_linux.zip 521 kB
boscaceoil_v2_windows_or_mac.air 203 kB


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this tools is amazing. The easiest I 've used

Can you plz make it where you have unlimeted notes.

Amazing tool, thank you!

this is awesome very useful 

An amazing application to make quick pieces of music! Couldent imagine not being able to use this!

Best free app i found to make music :D

Note to Linux users: forget the Linux version; get the Windows version and run it with Wine.

Unfortunately I didn’t find this tool as easy as some other people said, but I’ll try again later. Notably missing from the tutorial is an explanation for the "scales and chords" feature.

Gotta say, I really love this. Although I used to use Logic Pro X in the past, I've found most other music software to be complex to me, but this is extremely simple to use yet versatile.

Are we free to use the music we make with this in our own games, personal or commercial?


Yep, absolutely!

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brilliant tool.

I wished more people who are actually able to produce music with it would make videos or even tutorials. there are barely 5 videos on youtube.


and I'm looking forward to an update. the tool feels very complete. maybe a few more drums kicks and stuff since most of my drums tend to sound similar


I gave this software you made a go for around 10 minutes. I can proudly say I am thoroughly impressed with the work you have done! It is very easy to use; I have never composed music before so being able to pick up a piece of software like this and use it to make some very decent, stylised music is simply amazing.

I would most definitely recommend this to anybody who asks. I cannot wait to see many possible additions in the future. :)


In five minutes (by just following the tutorial) I made a nice litte music ! My first music. Great app ! Thank you !


I've been making computer music for 10 years. I've been playing with this program for 10 minutes and I LOVE IT.

Thanks so much for making this, this is the best tool for making digitized music I've ever used! Have you ever considered adding MIDI keyboard support?

This program is exactly what I wanted all this time! An easy way (for a beginner) to make music without needing one of those MIDI keyboard things! Thank you so much! I'm going to test drive it at this weekend's Ludum Dare 35.

Can you add live play, when you click the mouse to add the note, it plays it?

I'll make a note for the next update! (that could be a while away, though)

(You can preview a note by clicking on the notes on the left hand side, by the way!)


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About time, this is simple and appears to be fun. I donated, many thanks!!