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Bosca Ceoil is a free, easy to use tool for creating music!

  • Bosca is designed for beginners! It takes less than five minutes to learn, and comes with a quick built in tutorial to walk you through everything, step by step.
  • Bosca supports lots of different scales and chords, so even if you've never composed music before, it's really easy to get something that sounds good straight away.
  • No messing around getting instruments to work! Bosca comes with over a hundred presets, including MIDI and Chiptune instuments.
  • Bosca Ceoil is completely free, and open source!
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(373 total ratings)
AuthorTerry Cavanagh
Tagsbosca, MIDI, Music
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boscaceoil_win_v2.zip 21 MB
boscaceoil_mac_v2.zip 24 MB
boscaceoil_v2_linux.zip 521 kB
boscaceoil_v2_windows_or_mac.air 203 kB


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Good program I remember using it some years ago. I only wish that there was some midi input and that it worked with mac.

I want to export a cover of a song I made in Bosca to MIDI but it is not working. No file is created. Is any one else having this issue?

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this is not updated for mac

I was hoping you were wrong but yeah this sucks. I was really hoping to use this


Thanks man

Just a 5 star * * * *, you can even import midi and it fits the instruments it used

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where can i find the source code?




thanks, i was able to eventually find it, but it took a while, i recomend you put the github link on the app description


Is it possible to make 8 bit sound effects with this?


Damn, am I late to the party.

Guys. I couldn't save or export, but I have found a solution - you need to delete an * and whetewer is after it (like *.ceol) and just press save.

This is good. but no undo function..


no mac??

Drums don't playback correctly sometimes.

says it needs to be updated to be used with macOS..?

It means that it's 32-bits and that you can't run it.

Hey, Once a while I installed it and it was awesome, but when I tried the online version, it just didn't work. How can I fix that?

Really great! Have used for years. Brilliant DAW for beginners, with a focus on building repeated layers. Very impressed with the amount of instruments that you can use. Well done Terry.

This is amazing!

Absolutely love this and creating music on Bosca has become one of my favourite pastimes! 馃ぉ


Yo, I asked on Twitter about whether or not Bosca is going to be updated and he blocked me? Um...what the hell? Is there something I missed? I asked a very normal, respectful question. Is this a dead peoject now? What a shame if true, the software looks awesome, I would have paid or at least donated.


2 downvotes? For what? I'm just asking a question. Is this a toxic community?


I doubt the program will be updated, unless they're able to port the synth to another language


Argh. Oh well, I commend the creator for what hes done. I probably wouldnt want to keep updating it either. Maybe a fan or group of fans can help out.


I mean, last update was 2016. I would also hazard a guess that you aren't the first person to ask them about the status of this project, probably the hundredth, maybe more.

It gets very tiring having to respond to the same question over and over. While I think a block seems a bit overkill, maybe to Terry they're just so tired of it they don't care.

Of course, I'm speaking from my own point of view.


Fair enough, but if the project is now done, why not just put that announcement up on the website and Twitter and call it a day. Seems simply enough. Just thank all the fans and move on. 


That's what I'd do personally, but maybe they haven't gotten around to it?

Who knows.


What are you talking about? I literally haven't used Twitter in months


Well someone blocked me haha 馃槄  I dont really care, I was just excited to use the software and deflated when I found out it was old and not updated anymore. All good, nothing lasts forever


i used it for over a year even if it's dead since its very simple and easy to use.


The community is VERY toxic..


This is actually really fun to use. There's so many paid programs like this that put priority on stupidly complex GUIs with a billion things on the screen. This program understands that simple is better.


I can't tell you how much I LOVE this! Thank you so much! My go-to for every game jam 馃槂


Problemo: The Linux version does not work anymore. Adobe Air is gone, and it can no longer be installed.


Did you find a solution?


nope, there ain't a fix, at least out of what I know.

wine with the windows version: as depressing as it is


a save dialogue would be real nice  ... :(

Gyus i cant export or save project it crashes with no reason

how to fix?

i forgor that i have corrupted system its ok


it's not working on mac monterey and says it needs an update so... can you leave an update?????????


Hey umm... is there any way to turn off the Esc key immediately quitting Bosca with no warning, erasing all my work? 馃槥


Probably no. You can download the source code and delete the method that activates when you press ESC, if you know how to code of course. That is probably pretty simple to do, but a small mistake = unusable program, so I don鈥檛 recomend doing this (Although, if you decide to do that, don鈥檛 worry, the original copy you downloaded will stay fine. The source code will create a new copy for you instead of overiting the original one)


I can't download the original version from their website for some reason. whenever I click the download button, nothing happens. Is this Version safe

Holy sheep! This DAW is freakingly awesome!


The tool stopped working suddendly. He keeps saying that I need a Adobe AIR version that don't exist. It is downloaded but it has the same error as before.


Found this while browsing for music tools to mess with here on itch,
actually surprised that no one's mentioned the fact that the name is Irish Gaelic for 'Music Box' or 'Music Bin'

Mlk tem vis茫o

very 茅pico


Does anyone know how to glissando? (kind of slide between 2 notes)


kinda like pitch bending you mean?


It's very good, but something that could maybe be added is slides. (Sounds that slide from one note to another note)

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For everyone having issues with Mac; apparently Apple dropped support for 32 bit apps, which I am assuming this is.

I find it kind of irritating that Apple dropped support for that and gives users a generic error message saying to contact developers to update their apps.

You can workaround this by installing a virtual environment and running an older version of Mac. One guide I came across is here: https://machow2.com/run-32-bit-apps-mac/

A Linux/Windows user.

edit: there's also a comment further down where a user reportedly found an alternative solution:


While apreciate you replyingbut I was wondering if you knew any way to run it using monterey?

Apple deprecated 32 bit app support with Catalina. If that is the reason this app is not working on Monterey, you would have to use Mojave or earlier.

This is one of the many reasons I prefer Windows. As long as you have the lastest Windows OS you might be able to run most Windows programs, even if they were made for a older OS.

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the current version does not work with my mac, can you send me a updated version?

Deleted 99 days ago

I'm sorry, this needs to be updated to work with mac OS Monterey

have just tried to download the mac version from the website and it seems the link isn't working.


Adobe AIR unfortunately is no longer available on Linux distros, but I'll try out the browser version!

Good luck running the web version since it ran on flash

try ruffle (flash emulator), or if you have a windows PC, try CleanFlash (on W10 and below), or CleanFlash+IE Hack (W11+). Video Tutorial


Wow, perfect for early 90s MS-DOS style music!


this is such an amazing tool

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