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Bosca Ceoil is a free, easy to use tool for creating music!

  • Bosca is designed for beginners! It takes less than five minutes to learn, and comes with a quick built in tutorial to walk you through everything, step by step.
  • Bosca supports lots of different scales and chords, so even if you've never composed music before, it's really easy to get something that sounds good straight away.
  • No messing around getting instruments to work! Bosca comes with over a hundred presets, including MIDI and Chiptune instuments.
  • Bosca Ceoil is completely free, and open source!


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boscaceoil_win_v2.zip 21 MB
boscaceoil_mac_v2.zip 24 MB
boscaceoil_v2_linux.zip 521 kB
boscaceoil_v2_windows_or_mac.air 203 kB


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Wait you are the creator of Bosca Ceoil! That is so cool! I use that to make all music for my games!

I'd love to use this tool, but the Archlinux air package is gone, and thus I can not execute this. I have tried my best - Could you get rid of air maybe?



was really excited to use this but it wont open on mac at all..

Great software!



it's really useful and super user friendly but sometimes if you tab out of it you can't place anything and the only way to fix it is to stop everything and restart it

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Nope... I guess


it is just ..... really great

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Great piece of software!  perfect for beginners (such as my self).

I do have some ideas of what would make better though.

1# ability to import samples to use as instruments.

I feel like this would give music way more variety and make songs sound more interesting. Say, for example, i was trying to make to make some electronic sci-fi esc music, and i wasn't satisfied with the default instruments.  I could create and name a new instrument, and select a sample, such as a short .wav file.

2# plugin support.

add support for community made plugins.

 these are just my  ideas for this once again great program.

Hope you see this, Terry!

can it have plug inns


Can You Please Update The Software For The Newest Mac Version? I Really Like The Software But The Latest Mac Updates Prevent The Software From Being Opened Cause It's Out-Dated And Needs To be Updated. Thank You!


Has anybody found a way to get this to work without Adobe Air? I had it on my old PC and loved creating music with it.


Any chance someone has the AdobeAIRSDK.tbz2 archive for linux saved? Adobe have replaced the link with a blog post.

Go raibh maith agat

It's archived at that address on archive.org. So it runs but makes no sound now. Okay.


I can't save my project. I name it, I choose where I want to save it, and when I click on the "save" button, nothing happens. Help me !!!!!


Got it working with MacOS 11.2.3 (Big Sur)!

I was able to download the newest Adobe AIR from here: Harman AIR Runtime (from Adobe's blog post regarding Harman taking over AIR development). Download the AIR runtime. Install from the .dmg file.

I then downloaded the Bosca Ceoil V2 Windows or Mac AIR script (boscaceoil_v2_windows_or_mac.air) linked above. I installed the script via AIR.

The first time I ran Bosca Ceoil the GUI looked crazy, lot's of horizontal black lines all over. Quitting and re-running the app got it working fine. Yay!


OMG, this works! I use macOS Catalina and I’ve been searching all over for a way to run it. This is the first one that worked! Thank you!

Worked for me too, thank you, friend!!!!

wonderful program!!  i really enjoy using it because it's intuitive and the instruments are cool..  thank you so much


will there be a version not using adobe air? Adobe air does not work anymore and you cant install it from where you could before, all you get from there is an html page telling you to switch to their new thing :p

Has anyone found a work around for this issue? I would love to get started with this program :)

I have stumbled upon something that works kind of, if I launch directly from WINRAR things seem to work fine...


521 kb for Linux??? why? 

The linux version depends on adobe air, which is the bulk of filesize on mac and windows. See this page for more details! https://boscaceoil.net/linux-info.html

ok thanks


I'm on mac, using the air version. none of the save/load .ceol or import from .mid buttons do anything. the export button prompts me for a file type, then depending on which export option I choose, a different variety of nothing will happen. if I select .wav, it plays through the song, then it ends, and the play button does nothing. if I instead select .mid, it just stops until I hit play again


Please can we get faster more than 220 BPM?


A bummer you don't update it so mac version actually works :(


Not able to install AdobeAIR, which was discontinued, on Ubuntu.


yep, same issue here, the farthest i got is getting a popup saying it is discontinued... at least the windows version works with wine :)

Oh, I just forgot of Wine. Thanks.


would love to try but there's no stable update for mac :(




Hey Terry,  Fyi - Chrome is blocking the zip download from your site.   Maybe link to your itch download page?  Just wanted to give you a heads up.

Everyone should use this tool !  It is amazing !


Please update for mac!

Very good program, cool ! Thank :)


So, um, I just bought this software and the instructions to install on linux didn't work, and it seems like AdobeAir was discontinued. Right now I'm running the windows version on Wine. The tool is great, but I think you need to update the linux version. I don't know, maybe I did something wrong? Thanks for making this tool!


Used this before but unfortunately it needs to be updated for Mac or the app can't be opened. Just giving you the heads up :)


You need to right click then click open and It will give you the option to open it. Its a mac over secure problem

Still doesn't work :( it says that it needs to be updated by the developer


This is really good. I'm having fun using it.
BUT! Three changes that can improve it.

1# Patterns Window is too small to be convenient for bigger works. Suggestion: Make it able to be in separate window, so we could use it on secondary monitor. Or add categories by "instruments".

#2 New Pattern from existing. Suggestion: Small Icon on every Pattern, that will just do that.

#3 Advanced filter mode. Replace one notes line to be a “clickable” and when clicked, it will enable filter edit of that column.


#2 already exists, you use middle mouse button and drag


I don’t have a single musical bone in my body. My little sister does though, and this is going to annoy her until I figure out how to music.


We need a new version for osx. Thanks!


Please add some way to mashup songs

This is the best tracker I've found so far. It's really helpful that it exports to MIDI. It would be really cool if it could export to other trackers so we could use this and then use them to export to console sound files



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Can I shift layout from left to right 

To up to down. 

That would be a lot useful. Most softwares are in up to down layout. It will be helpful for everyone


Most software isn't up and down. Only trackers are. Any DAW like Garageband, Logic, Pro Tools, Audacity, etc all use the horizontal layout. It might be best to get accustomed to it


most of piano type DAWs have horizontal layout.


Is this software what game makers use for music + sfx for their games?

There was this video that Sam Hogan made and one of the clips contained him making music for his video. I am asking this question because this software suspiciously looks like the one in his video.


Yeah people use this to make music and stuff. Brackeys has a good tutorial on how to use this.


So I tried to open it, but it told me to get Adobe Air.  I installed Adobe Air and it still tells me to do this or contact the creator. So here I am.


The online version is gone.

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Yo! Check your SEO, searching Bosca Ceoil online shows the HTML:

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