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Heya Terry, I remember seeing this game years ago and it's a delight to find it again. Keep up the good work!


Hooray, there's a version that still works!


DANGIT ITS NOT WEB! Since flash died i was hoping to play it on my chromebook but i can't :(


adobe flash


Cool Math Games literally just downloaded the game or took to source code and put it into your game. And yes, I mean the website.

hey hoodahmath has your game on their site, have they done this without your permission and are you aware of it?

ok, i didn't know you made this, you make a lot of things and games that i know and play and i didn't even know

great job


HEYA! PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION! What GAME ENGINE did you use to make this game??


i used haxe - the source code is here: