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This scratched at my itch for reliving Intellivision and 2600 from my childhood like nothing else I've experienced! One question; Is there a way to reset the Windows version to it's original state? I'd love to show this off but I'm stuck at a certain point of no return. I tried to delete the local files and redownload, but no good


You should be able to go to "%APPDATA%\Godot\app_userdata\Mr. Platformer" (no quotes) and delete/backup the file "". Try pasting that path into your Windows Explorer window and pressing ENTER.

Thank you! Just what I needed to know!


that looks like my mom


great game




Delightfully nostalgic. Suddenly I am a kid in 1986 again!


cute retro style :




The windows version has crashed for me a few times after finishing a level but otherwise this is great.


Really good game. Looks it have some misteries. 

Fun game. I like that there was a sort of creepy/horror vibe at the end

Really fun game! 


Lovely and addicting! I may be fanboying but there's always a special charm to all your games, especially platformers.

18 levels remain, I'll get to them as soon as I'm done working...

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Really cool :D


Cool game, It's just like 90s game


Ask not for whom the bell tolls --
It tools for "game complete."
and the after-game bits are haunting.

Really funny :D


so I've finished it... but did I? anyone else has reached the end? would say more but I don't see a spoiler tag...


I did? I dont know...


I forgot ROT13: pna lbh qb nalguvat jura lbh pbzcyrgr nyy gur yriryf naq gur tnzr nyy orpbzrf n terl tyvgpu? V whfg abgvprq gur pybpx tbg fghpx ng gur gvzr V svavfurq gur tnzr

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gurl nyy phg, naq gur ynfg xvyyf. jung ner gurl? vs guvf vf gur raq, jung unccrarq qhevat gur tnzr?


gur cuenfr vf sebz n yngva zbggb, "gurl" ner gur ubhef, nyy gur ubhef phg, naq gur ynfg bar (gur ynfg ubhe) xvyyf... znlor vg zrnaf gung rirel pbzcyrgrq yriry "phgf" gur tnzr, fvapr vg qbrfa'g fubj ntnva, naq gur ynfg yriry "xvyyf" gur tnzr?


jung unccrarq qhevat gur tnzr vf n yvsrgvzr. gur oryyf ng gur raq bs rnpu yriry ercerfrag gur cnffvat bs gvzr, rfcrpvnyyl fubja va gur pybpx gbjre. gur yriryf ortva rnfl, gurl orpbzr pbzcyrk, naq svanyyl ner vapburerag. gura gurl ner bire, zrer vapbzcyrgr zrzbevrf. juvyr rirel ubhe bs lbhe yvsr phgf, gur ynfg bar xvyyf lbh. gur pybpx orpbzrf fghpx naq gur qrgnvyf ner renfrq, orpnhfr lbhe yvsrgvzr unf raqrq. vs lbh zbir gb gur evtug naq fgneg ntnva, lbh frr gur shgher va juvpu lbh unir orra sbetbggra. gur zrzbel bs lbh vf nf rzcgl nf orsber lbh jrer obea.


so cool...pure game design...and thanks for the mac version!!!





i miss hearing the vines go doooo do do doo

I love it!


Superb. This is awesome. Fun for all the humankind. Thanks, Terry.

is amazing!!!


he run my jump till i swim 🤑

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Loved it! Classic homage. Mostly could have been done on the 2600 except scrolling likely. Having a blast playing!

You may like my WHO STOLE THE COAL? on Pico-8, same vibe, homage to the Atari 2600 games I played as a kid. Tim Schafer called it "his favorite holiday game", which is great until you realize there aren't many holiday games. :D

Also comment here if you would when the Mac version is code-signed, or in fact, co-designed.


Sweet!  C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s

Will re-download.

Fun little game :p

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Error I got:

The following features required to run Godot projects on the Web are missing:

Cross Origin Isolation - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)

SharedArrayBuffer - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)

Hey! That's weird - what OS and browser are you on? Can you try with another browser and let me know how that goes?

CDN media

I think turning this on is the way to fix it

should be enabled already, so the error is very mysterious!

I think it has to do with the browser I'm using, (WaterFox). Works fine on Chrome and Firefox after testing.


Mr. Platformer really does do it all! He just folded my laundry!


Terry Cavanagh does not disappoint

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Love this! Made a video of me flailing through it eventually. ^ _^

Oh dang hm well anyway, it's really fun. = D


He memento my mori til the bell tolls.


That clock at the end is really ominous. I wonder how to interpret it?

Cute little classic Terry game that takes me back to Don't Look Back

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"they all cut and the last kills"

where is it from? did you write it? i love it
oh just found it's a latin proverb


Who needs Pitfall when we have Mr. Platformer. Sorry Atari. :P

Joking aside, I just noticed the levels are procedurally generated. Nice. :)

Btw, Linux version is working smoothly!

Thanx Terry, this looks like a fun time waster.

Where did you get the impression they were procedurally generated? They all seem very intentional to me.

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Well, I just did another two runs and looked at the level map. The levels  were different each time. 

First run

Second run:

My guess was that they were procedurally generated. It's also possible they might be just random. But I haven't played enough (yet) to confirm either.


They are arranged in a different way at any playthrough, but the levels are man-made. You'll see. :)


A pleasure to see a new release Terry, thanks for sharing.




Feels very classic atari and also classic terry. Good stuff


I don't even care about score, I just want to destroy, ahaha.


Really like the game! Very good job Terry :D

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