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remember when this was on coolmath?


SO AM I!!!! by the way hi JK




best game ever!!!

Amazing game! So polished and probably one of the only roguelikes I've been able to understand and enjoy thoroughly.


I'd like to request an Android build!


This is great! I love how unique the turn-based rouglike stealth gameplay is.

I've really enjoyed this game. I have been going back to it on and off since it was first released. You did an amazing job!

Wow it took me a while to complete this but it was fun to play nonetheless :)


Neat little turn-based game, and one of my first ventures into the subgenre, and while I didn't get all that far (probably inexperience), I really enjoyed what i got to see. Thew character sprites are a highlight. Is that a shell on legs??


Not a shell, a @ sign. It's a traditional representation of humanoid characters in classic roguelikes.

I can't play because of the broken controls.

Good work, but too hard. Must with luck.

Simple artwork, simple gameplay. Easy to pick up, hard to master. An excellent game.

Hey! I discovered this game through a YouTube show called Bytejacker. They ask people to play games and then review them. I figured I'd post my review for this game here too.

It felt like the levels were randomly generated, and I had a ton of fun trying to find my way though them. I think one thing I loved about it is that it's still possible to complete many levels even if you completely mess up and get every guard in the level on your tail. If you remember that this game is technically turn based, it's a lot easier to handle these moments. I only had two problems with it. Firstly, I wish there was a way to bring up the tutorials for items after your first time. I sometimes forgot what they did and I ended up not using them as a result. I also wish there was music. Something simple that you could toggle on and off would be nice.

Rougelike stealth game was a great concept, really well executed. Took me like 9 hours to beat and thouroughly enjoyed all of it - lots to discover/learn :)

Well, as always, Cavanagh knocks it out of the park. Takes a simple concept and wrings it for all its worth to make a little game of surprising depth. My full mini-review is included below:


Keyboard is too sensitive in web version. It's hard to press arrows briefly enough to go only one cell instead of two or even more. This ruins the game since single misstep can cost you game. :( I'm on windows and my keyboard repeat delay is set to shortest, and repeat rate to fastest. But it does not cause me problems in other games.

I kinda had the same problem with the controls being too sensitive, but i really like the concept :)

Yeah, the game is awesome. Maybe it's a browser version problem. I'll try standalone version.

is there a way to drop items?


This is an awesome little game! I really like the difficulty of this game! After making a video i went back and played it a little more!


Got to play Tiny Heist too. Definitely not easy, especially when cameras see you around corners. :)

Hey, played your game and made a video of it. I had a lot of fun playing it (despite not being good at it, the random levels were a real challenge.) Also the retro graphics were great for this kind of thing.

Keep up the great work!

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The curious thing about this game is that enemies when they do damage, they turn into a bunch of glitches.

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Very fun indeed. The alarm sound is very jarring and the randomly generated levels make it so you can't simply memorize levels. I love it a lot. EDIT: Forgot to mention that I may or may not be writing my own interpretation of what the story might be.