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Help! Everyone has been teleported away randomly! As the heroic Captain Viridian, it's up to you to find your friends, bring them back to safety, and save the universe!

VVVVVV is a platform game all about exploring one simple mechanical idea - what if you reversed gravity instead of jumping?

The game is designed not to artificially gate your progress. In VVVVVV there are no locks, no power-ups, no switches, nothing to stop you progressing except the challenges themselves.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(154 total ratings)
AuthorTerry Cavanagh


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

VVVVVV [Windows] 59 MB
Version 2.3.6
Version 2.3.6
VVVVVV [Linux] 60 MB
Version 2.3.6
VVVVVV [Android] 51 MB

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This game is so good, for the past several years I bought this game on Steam, 3DS & PS4 💜


this game is so good I bought it 3 separate times for each device I played it on


i bought it on steam and its the best thing ever

One of the best games I ever played on my mobile .


Hi, Could you upgrade VVVVVV version (android) to 2.1? There is an old version on this page and a new one on google play.


got the vinyl of the OST, great game

I purchased the game but never received the steam code.


Should be available on your download page; if not, get in touch with itch support


Android version still not working as far as I can tell?

I have the Steam version is there a way to claim it here for free, so I have the drm version also?


Thank you so much for publishing this update on itch.io! The increased framerate alone is awesome!


Thank you for updating the Itch.io version!

Hi I don't know how to install the game on ubuntu(linux). I downloaded the file and then made it executable with chmod +x but I still can't seem to make it run or whatever, can anyone help?

Very fun! The temptation to jump is unreal but once you adjust to the mechanics it's not too bad. Love the music as well.


Cannot install the game on Linux. Seems that the installer cannot find any files.


As going to the itch game page with firefox works. Which confirm that is an itch installer issue.

My system is up to date:

  • itch@25.5.1
  • butler@15.21.0
  • itch-setup@1.26.0

Having the same issue, seems that the itch app can't handle plain executables, butler gives a warning about "No mapping for file extension ()"

Also found out that the Linux executable is actually an installer, which complicates things futher. It would be 10x easier to just put the Linux versions contents into a zip file and upload that just like it's done on the Windows version.


Its a classic gravity switching platformer that I first played over 10 years ago and i was wondering how it might hold up compared to all the Indie Games that have come since then and I am very, very happy to see that the game is still as fun as it ever was. Generous checkpoints allow you to explore these challenging depths at a relatively comfortable level, while a fantastic soundtrack pushes you forward. Other games have done the gravity switching mechanic since then, but VVVVVV still stands out among the best of its kind due to its engaging package.4/5

More Itch Bundle impressions: https://tomalexi.itch.io/
Youtube Channel: http://bit.ly/YTPList


Looks like you have version 2.1 of this apk on google play, but the version here on itch is 1.0. Can you please update the apk file here, with the compatibility updated one? Just bought the palestinian bundle and was looking forward to playing this on my phone!




Hi just adding on to the questions about whether or not there's a way to run this on more modern android phones, I got android 11 and it keeps crashing :(


I had the same problem as a few other people, I can't get this to open on android (Samsung galaxy s9)

I'll have to try this game on my laptop at some point.


I tried downloading the APK file included with the Palestinian Aid bundle and found that it only supports older versions of android. Is this something that will be resolved later on or is this game no longer supported?



Bought this on my 3ds a while back, pretty fun game, great level design and its pretty tough, so if your into tough platformers, its worth the buy

I made a video on this like a few years ago.

This is one of the great games that I would recommend to anyone.The switching of gravity is an incredible interesting mechanic, that you utilize in every instance perfectly. I never felt at all frustrated because the mechanic didn't match the challenge.

Have the game already on Steam but 10/10 you should buy this game if you like practically impossible platformers. This game would be practically impossible without save points. How on earth do people Master Of The Universe with all 20 trinkets? I'd say "hax" but people tell me I'm using "hax" when they see me playing tetris lol


are you kidding me? google play version is updated?


android version is crashing on android 9 pie


One of the best game ever. Thanks for that masterpiece !


Yo lo tengo en la 3DS y es muy bueno

algo raro el juego sobre cambiar la gravedad pero bueno