Dicey Dungeons Version 1.7

Hey hey everyone! It's v1.7 of Dicey Dungeons! Caw!

This update is focused on bug-fixes, and on our wonderfully named new modding tool, Dicey Modgeons. For this update, I wanted to focus on tackling as many major, high priority bugs as possible. As a result, I think this version leaves the game in a really good, stable state to push forward with more modding tools and features in future!

Without further ado, the bug fixes:

  • Added support for high DPI monitors. Dicey Dungeons should now look better on the default settings for high resolution screens.
  • Your window size and position are now saved when you quit.
  • Fixed a serious crash bug that happen when attempting to resume a save on a floor that contained the Jester enemy. Thank you to everyone who reported this one - it took a long time to track down!
  • Fixed the bug that caused the dungeon atmosphere music to cut out occasionally when you change floors.
  • Fixed the bug that could cause the game to soft-lock if you shocked the Bear.
  • Fixed a bug where Yolanda has an empty textbox if you buy everything from her shop.
  • Equipment layout in combat should now always match the equipment layout in the inventory.
  • Make sure low health loop is always stopped by title screen music.
  • Fixed Weakened Gemstone staff having the wrong attack power.
  • Associated the "Quick Thinking" gadget with "Flight?".
  • Buffed Gold Dagger and Silver Dagger (they're both size 1 now instead of size 2, and when upgraded become unrestricted instead of simply increasing to MAX5.)
  • Transformer doesn't charge up if you flee from combat.
  • Fixed Keymaster remix rule behaviour for Witch.
  • Fixed Keymaster remix rule behaviour for Jester.
  • Fixed incorrect errors being printed in the console when poison damage is inflicted.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of card @data in several places. (e.g. when collecting treasure, in the backpack)
  • Fixed the bug where Transformer+ would revert to an unupgraded version after each fight.
  • Prevent Freeze from getting applied twice to dice stashed with to equipment like Lantern/Illuminate.
  • Added scrap as a level up reward to Inventor at level 5 (prevents a bug where they can get stuck if they have no equipment on reaching this level).
  • Bear Tranforms now correctly clear your backpack.
  • Fixed missing level up reward in Witch episode 2, Expect the Unexpected.
  • Fixed Inventor Silence bug (the once where the dice didn't snap to the slots correctly).
  • Made the positioning of Silenced Inventor slots a bit nicer.
  • Fixed a substitution bug that meant that Jester booster pack contents would be incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where Skeleton's "Two Handed Sword" and Cowboy's "Midnight Charm" would get mistakenly exchanged with other things in some episodes.
  • Added support for swapping a 1x2 with two 1x1s and vice versa in the backpack screen.
  • Fixes a bug where enemies would end their turn without taking actions they could have taken if their last action changed their equipment (e.g. Aurora's Mood Change, Alchemist's Bear Potion).
  • Fixed the occasional long delays that would sometimes mysteriously happen after enemy turns.
  • Fixed a rare crash bug that could happen during the tutorial.
  • Weakened version of the Robot card from Jester episodes now heals you, and not the enemy, whoops.
  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple gadgets to sometimes be incorrect in Double Rubble.
  • Fixed a bug where Jester snapping upgraded cards created via Inventor Copy would fail to recognise the match.
  • Cleaned up a number of unnecessary traces in the console.
  • Fixed this hard to explain bug: If a piece of equipment with a countdown has a *lower* countdown when upgraded, it should now correctly remember its countdown when weakened.
  • In the event that the game is unable to create save files for whatever reason (e.g. permission issues, rogue virus scanners), the game now gives a clearer error message of what's gone wrong.

 In addition, We're really excited to unvail the first public alpha of our external modding tool, Dicey Modgeons! Dicey Modgeons is our official stand alone tool for editing and creating mods for Dicey Dungeons - you can grab the latest release on github, here:


Dicey Modgeons makes modding the game much easier - you can use the editor to create new equipment, create or modify enemies, edit scripts, define new episode rules, and lots more! As modding support continues to expand for Dicey Dungeons, this tool will also be getting updated with new features! Feedback and feature suggestions are very welcome: https://github.com/TerryCavanagh/diceymodgeons/issues

In addition, we've got some new modding features in the game:

  • I've changed how modsettings.json works - the file in data/text/ is now just there as a reference, and isn't read in. To change your modsettings.json, place this file in your save folder and edit the contents!
  • Safety checks and missing sound effect checks are now off by default. To enable them, you need to set these options to "true" in your modsettings.json file.
  • "After combat" scripts on equipment and episodes are now executed when you flee from combat. (The variable "flee" is true if you've fled, and false otherwise.)
  • New command line argument `-modcheats`. This enables all of the various modding cheats for testing, and gives you 50 gold. This overrides any settings you might have in modsettings.json.
  • New command line argument `-allenemies`. Sets all enemies in a dungeon to the same enemy. e.g. `-allenemies="Loud Bird"`.
  • New command line argument `-boss`. Forces the boss of the next dungeon to be the enemy you specify, e.g. `-boss="Baby Squid"`.
  • New command line argument `-character`. Immediately starts the game at the beginning of a dungeon, playing as the specified character, in thier first available episode. e.g. `-character="Robot"`.
  • New command line argument `-episode`. Allows you to specify the episode when quickstarting as a character. e.g. `-character="Thief" episode=2`.
  • New command line argument `-enemy`. Immediately starts the game in combat against the enemy you specify. Unless otherwise specified, as Warrior in episode 1. e.g. `-enemy="Snowman"`.
  • New command line argument `-remix`. Makes the first remix offered be the one you specify. Only works in episodes with remix rules. e.g. `-character="Warrior" -episode=6 -remix="Val"`.
  • New command line argument `-equipment`. Gives the list of named equipment to the player. Only works when quickstarting with either the character or enemy arguments e.g. `-character="Robot" -enemy="Cowboy" -equipment="Slingshot,Cheat Code"`.
  • New command line argument `-empty`. Removes whatever equipment the player would normally start with - combines well with '-equipment'. For example, `-character="Witch" -equipment="Backfire" -empty` would start as Witch with ONLY Backfire equipped, instead of also starting with the usual Cauldron and Infliction episode 1 equipment.
  • The old command line arguments "testenemy" and "testequipment" have been deprecated.

Thanks to everyone for playing! See you for v1.8 soon!


Dicey Dungeons (Windows) 435 MB
Version 1.7 Jan 31, 2020
Dicey Dungeons (Mac OSX) 436 MB
Version 1.7 Jan 31, 2020
Dicey Dungeons (Linux) 439 MB
Version 1.7 Jan 31, 2020
Dicey Dungeons (Windows, 32 bit for compatibility) 432 MB
Version 1.7 Jan 31, 2020
Dicey Dungeons (Linux, 32 bit for compatibility) 441 MB
Version 1.7 Jan 31, 2020

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The game was great till a certain release. Then a.o. too tight balancing, a few bugs, focus shifting away from the fun of the fab core mechanics to tutorial, filler content like texts you click away and stuff like that. It still can be fun but the game got primary fat, lost its direct appeal, without feeling better.

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I guess that's what you could do, in order to enjoy going through the interludes.

There is too much not good looking make up in your way, instead of direct access and focus on inner values. Feel free to disagree.


SO excited to try out the modding tool! 


Is it possible we could get a list of all variables and modifiers when scripting? I'm trying to create something that would activate on the player being damaged, but I cannot find the value for taking damage.