Dicey Dungeons Version 1.10

Surprise! Got another update for Dicey Dungeons ready! This one brings us to v1.10.

The last few updates have been pretty huge, so this one's a little simpler by comparison. I didn't want to wait any longer until I had another huge update ready before I applied the bug fixes in this one! There are a couple of cool new things in this update on top of the bug fixes, like a bit of extra polish to our finale episode (including some fancy end credits!), optimisations to make the game run better, and a new Catalan translation!

Here's the full changelog:

 - Dicey Dungeons is now available in Catalan!
 - About 100 more issues closed on our issues tracker. Lots of tiny details polished up!
 - Fixed a number of small memory leaks in various places.
 - Reduced loading times in cutscenes by selectively only loading assets needed in those cutscenes.
 - A quick animation and audio pass to our cutscenes - nothing very extreme, but a few little things have been improved.
 - Fixed a bug that was slowing down AI speed when considering multiple burning dice.
 - Fixed a bug where Mirror Cauldron and Hall of Mirrors didn't generate in some episodes.
 - Counter Spell now rechecks dice values when they change, so e.g. countering a 1 and freezing a dice should lock the frozen dice. Countering a 6 versus Cowboy is... a good move.
 - Some audio tweaks in our Finale Episode.
 - Fixed flickering when choosing certain level up rewards.
 - Fixed flickering in the upgrade/copyshop stations.
 - Copyshops now always feature Ned and mirror the Upgrade UI.
 - New, fancy ending credits when you complete the Finale Episode.
 - Lots of formatting cleanups to localisations - in particular Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and Dutch have had lots of little issues fixed.
 - Fixed font kerning issues with Traditional Chinese.
 - Fixed missing Baby Squid voice in cutscenes.
 - Prevent a couple of rule clashes in Bonus Round episodes that don't make sense, e.g. Warlock (change all statuses to Parallel Universe) + Wicker Man (change the fire status to Parallel Universe), Buster (burning dice cost 5HP) + Wicker Man.
 - Instead of using Wail, the level 4 Jester Enemy will use Shriek. (prevents a situation where they might silence the Robot, leaving it with no valid moves on that turn).
 - Fixed crash bug if you reject a trade, then somehow no longer have the item you were offered in trade for (e.g. by upgrading it), and try to execute the trade anyway.
 - Certain weird cards (e.g. Call for Backup Witch?, Mood Change) will now quietly never trigger curse, preventing a number of game breaking situations. (this was particularly an issue for Parallel Universe rules)
 - In the tutorial, don't let the player enter the Jester fight without any weapons.
 - In Inevitability of Rust, when transforming enemy equipment, don't give it durability.
 - Fixed glitchy behaviour when fighting Aurora if she's shocked.
 - Fixed a bug where end of episode cutscenes in mods sometimes didn't load correctly.
 - Localised the Halloween Special title screens.
 - Fixed Jester discard/snap playing the wrong SFX.
 - Categorise the low health SFX as music, not SFX (so you can mute it).
 - Fix for a certain enemy not knowing how to use Divine Axe.
 - Fixed some categorisation bugs with Judgement cards - Vacuum IS NOT a level 1 enemy, Rhino Beetle IS an animal.
 - Fixed up the <d6> symbol so that it looks better when scaled for equipment strings.
 - In Woof Woof Woof and similar cards, reworded "repeat next attack" as "Repeat next action".
 - Made a weakened version of Polar Star+, so that getting weakened with Polar Star+ doesn't leave the equipment unusable.
 - Fixed weird looking dice tween that sometimes occurred when fighting Crystalina.
 - Fixed the display of three line size-one equipment with conditional slots (mostly a modding thing, but could come up with the Magician rule in vanilla).
 - Fixed a crash bug that could potentially happen if you use equipment that self-inflicts status effects on your own turn (comes up in Halloween Special in a few places)
 - Cap status effects at 9999 (prevents a rare crash where players could use Blight to go above MAXINT poison)
 - Lament now does Ice elemental damage with its attacks.
 - Fixed the Phantom Dice exploit with Jester (snapping cards with Free slots, e.g. Lament+, used to create bonus dice that you could use)
 - Various small fixes for "Action!" and "Picnic Basket" equipment.

Thanks for playing, all <3 Hope you're all doing well out there.


Dicey Dungeons (Windows) 435 MB
Version 1.10 Nov 05, 2020
Dicey Dungeons (Mac OSX) 436 MB
Version 1.10 Nov 05, 2020
Dicey Dungeons (Linux) 439 MB
Version 1.10 Nov 05, 2020
Dicey Dungeons (Windows, 32 bit for compatibility) 432 MB
Version 1.10 Nov 05, 2020
Dicey Dungeons (Linux, 32 bit for compatibility) 441 MB
Version 1.10 Nov 05, 2020

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