Dicey Dungeons Version 1.9

It's finally here! Usually, I try to keep these update posts as short as I can, but that's going to be difficult this time around: v1.9 is our biggest update since launch.

The highlights of the new version:

  • v1.9 brings two new localisations - our long awaited Japanese localisation by Go Endo at Kakehashi Games (and including the Halloween Special translated by Tomoko Kono!), and a brand new Welsh translation by Morgan Roberts with Menter Caerffili!
  • The new version brings a host of new quality of life improvements to various parts of the game - for example, you can now preview spells when playing as Witch, and see what gadgets you'll get from various equipment when playing as Inventor. There are lots of subtler things too, like equipment descriptions updating values when you hover dice over them.
  • There are 9 new remix rules for the Bonus Round episodes! Some of them are pretty simple, but it includes two new ones that I'm very excited about: the Frog rule, which allows any enemy from the dungeon to appear as a boss (with increased health!), and the Magician rule, which changes the slots on your equipment on your turn.
  • v1.9 finally updates our modding API to v1.0, and delivers a massive number of features that modders have been requesting for a while. This means that future mods can do more, and can be more compatible with each other.
  • This version also represents a major firming up of the game, fixing all sorts of obscure edge case bugs. We've closed more than 200 issues on our github since the last update.

With our modding API now final, I thought it would be a good time to highlight a couple of smaller mods I recommend checking out, all of them v1.9 ready!

Wrong Enemies (by ssbninja)

A fantastic mod that reverses the enemy levels: all the enemies have new equipment layouts, with bosses now appearing as level 1 monsters and level 1 monsters now appearing as bosses!

Floorplan (by BigPotato)

A great, simple mod that does one thing and does it really well - provides a bunch of alternate floor plan layouts for each run. Because of how it works, it's cross-compatible with basically all other mods!

Pyromancer (by Kcaze)

A rare mod that creates a whole new character. The pyromancer is designed around the burn status effect, with cards that depend on how many of your own dice are currently burning!

More Squid (by Jackeea)

It's basically impossible to describe what this mod is without spoilers, so I'll just say this: do you like Baby Squid? This is more squid. (By the author of the huge and fantastic More Fluff mod, previously mentioned in these updates, and also ready and updated for v1.9.)

Dicey Dungeons Alpha MIDI Pop (by ncrecc)

If you've been following Dicey Dungeons since the early days, you might enjoy the Alpha MIDI Pop mod, which brings back all weird distorted midi pop music soundtrack from the very early alpha versions!

Cauldron Mania (by Notan Lemon)

A really interesting and different feeling mod, with lots of unique feeling equipment. It includes five new episodes - a robot, a Witch and a Thief episode, and elimination round versions of the Robot and Witch episodes. I particularly love the Robot's episode "Roulette Game".
It's been really wonderful seeing people discover the game over the past year. I'm so proud of what we made. Thanks for playing <3

Here's the full changelog for this version:


  • Dicey Dungeons is now available in Japanese!
  • Dicey Dungeons is now available in Welsh!
  • More than 200 open issues closed on our issue tracker, fixing lots of edge case bugs and supporting many new modding features.
  • Substantial updates to available modding features (see the modding changes section below for more details).
  • When playing Witch, you can now preview your spells during battle, and you can now cancel spells before they're cast and refund the dice used.
  • When playing Inventor, you can now preview the Gadget that you'll get from various equipment.
  • Added a couple of interesting new starting options for Robot Episode 6 and Warrior Episode 6.
  • New remix rule - Wicker Man: Instead of causing damage, burning dice disables equipment. (like in Parallel Universe)
  • New remix rule - Yeti: Change Freeze to instead reduce the value of all dice by 1. (like in Parallel Universe)
  • New remix rule - Drain Monster: When Poison deals damage, it also inflicts 1 weaken.
  • New remix rule - The Robot: changes to the You Choose, You Lose rules.
  • New remix rule - The Witch: One spell slot contains a completely random spell each turn.
  • New remix rule - Magician: At the start of your turn, change the dice requirements for a random item. (thanks to Jackeea for code contributions to this new feature!)
  • New remix rule - Frog: Any enemy can potentially be the boss of the dungeon.
  • The Dodge status effect now only dodges the attacking side of equipment actions - for example, if an enemy dodges Cauldron, it won't do 1 damage, but it will still reroll your dice.
  • The values in descriptions on cards update as you hover dice over them or select them with the gamepad.
  • Added Matchstick to a few different places in the game (for some reason it only appeared in the tutorial).
  • If you use equipment that gives you dice, and its target is reversed due to Parallel Universe curse or for some other reason, those dice are now stashed for the target's next turn instead of appearing as useable dice immediately. (sorry)
  • Increased the pool of items that Val is interested in trading across all characters.
  • The Vanish status effect can now affect both the player and enemies.
  • The Wisp remix rule now affects both the player and the enemy.
  • Nicer gamepad sounds for things like backpack.
  • The Val remix rule is now less chaotic - it now only replaces equipment for a single turn, and then reverts it to normal.
  • Slightly modified design for Pirate.
  • Made a few changes to equipment item pools in the sixth character's episode 2.
  • Better support for changing languages while the game is running - the game no longer needs to restart, and you can press tab to quickly switch with English if you're playing in a second language and want to check something!
  • Improved support for touchscreen computers (this feature is still a work in progress).
  • Many optimisations to rendering that should give a noticeable performance boost on older machines.

Bug Fixes and other small changes:

  • Removed Spiked Shield from Initial Warrior Bonus Round options, added some new ones.
  • Several unfair or broken rule combinations are prevented from showing up in Bonus Round episodes (e.g. Warlock + Handyman).
  • Multislot equipment no longer reveals the value of blind dice.
  • Made "The Storm" and "The Storm+" distinct. (The Storm no longer silences, but the upgrade does.)
  • Added music fade when pausing and unpausing.
  • Implemented Blind when playing with YCYL rules.
  • Weaken can co-exist with Shock, Alternate Shock and Alternate Poison now without problems.
  • Some tweaks made to the generator on Robot Episode 6.
  • AI can now understand how to use MUST EQUALS X equipment.
  • Improved victory animation in final boss fight.
  • Improved Settings screen layouts.
  • Removed "Charge!" as level up reward in Warrior 6.
  • Fixed Molotov Cocktail-.
  • Many small fixes to localisation issues - typos, missing strings and formatting.
  • The "Vampire?" status effect in Parallel Universe round should now display correct innate text.
  • Fixed a bug where the enemy AI would sometimes fail to take a turn if they had countdown equipment and the Re-Equip Next status. (This particularly affected the Pirate remix rule!)
  • Some equipment now ignores the Re-Equip Next status where it makes sense, e.g. Precious Egg, Mood Change, Crystalize. This fixes some bugs that could potentially cause you to lose equipment, or even your skillcard.
  • After you defeat an enemy, you cannot reduce your own hp below 0. (Fixes the "Boomerang Zombie" bug.)
  • Equipment name sizes are not changed when they appear inside other strings.
  • Don't offer "Warrior" level up reward for character six (since the Bop card is not in this episode).
  • Weakening the Grand Finale card no longer crashes the game.
  • Dodge and Dodge? now stack correctly.
  • Alternating between mouse controls and gamepad controls no longer causes visual glitches.
  • Fixed a bug where the player and enemy graphics might appear at (0, 0) for one frame in the first fight if you lost a run and then started a new one.
  • Don't show the CPU in the status bar when playing with You Choose, You Lose rules.
  • Crowbar/Wrecking Ball no longer affect equipment that is unavailable for the turn.
  • Fixed the cast direction of Lucky Star, Boxing Gloves and Rubber Mallet.
  • Drain Monster is now categorised as a "Green" thing.
  • Fixed script on Sweets+.
  • Fixed inconsistency with Hailstone+.
  • Fixed Star symbol on remix panels being displayed in the incorrect position occasionally.
  • Countdowns on Thief stolen cards no longer update twice per frame.
  • A select few cards will now secretly never trigger curse, which fixes a number of rare but serious bugs (e.g. Mood Change, Yoink).
  • Fixed a silent background null reference bug when playing Warrior episode 2.
  • Lunasa now chooses from a better list of spells.
  • Fixed double sfx when selecting a character.
  • Fix episode-select cursor move sound.
  • Episode state, gamepad UI: show the win/loss tooltips.
  • Extra damage from the Rose remix rule now counts towards unlocking the thrown dice achievement.
  • Trashing three of the same items on the same turn in Inventor episode 3 now counts as unlocking the triple gadget achievement.
  • Fixed Chocolate Cookie+ not using correct countdown value if it was weakened on the same turn that you won the last fight.
  • Fixes a crash bug when you have more than 43 dice on your turn.
  • Fixed a rare crash bug that could happen when starting a fight against a Super enemy.
  • Fixed a lot of small localisation string bugs.
  • Removed Mods button from the settings, except for when you're on the title screen.
  • On gamepad, block opening limit break prompt with RB in early tutorial
  • Fixed Robobot not being considered a "machine".
  • Fixed the "Fight!" sign in Russian (again, sorry)
  • Various small fixes to sound effects on various equipment.
  • Fixed a bug where previously used Once Per Battle equipment would show in the corner onscreen if you checked enemy moves the turn after using it.
  • In robot episode 2, apply the Vanish status instead of using the rule change. Removed the old rule change variable.
  • Parallel Universe "Reduce By?" status no longer blocks self inflicted positive statuses.
  • Fixed the Jester's Voice not playing in combat.
  • Fixed @ labels appearing on equipment subsitions.
  • Jinxes are now correctly localised.
  • Added Matchstick to the Warrior generator and a few other places - it was only showing up in the tutorial before.
  • Fixed some tooltip bugs with Jinxes.
  • The AI can now handle multislot equipment where the slots are of different types (e.g. Flame War+).
  • Fixed a crash bug if you clicked one of the sixth character's power card actions while fighting Copycat and viewing enemy moves.

Modding changes:
v1.9 represents a huge update to the game's modding api, and honestly it's hard to keep track of everything. If you use our modding tool Dicey Modgeons, we have an update for that coming very soon. If not, and if you have an existing mod from a previous version of the game, you might want to read our migration guide!

  • Exposed custom symbol creation to modders.
  • Status effects are moddable, and have about a dozen script hooks for events like when the status is inflicted, when taking damage, when reducing countdowns and more.
  • Support for "flexible generators", which allow modders to add equipment to episodes without having to replace the existing generators - which makes having multiple mods loaded together much easier. (thanks to ncrecc and Jackeea for code contributions to this new feature!)
  • Enabled live reloading of mods - changing mods no longer needs to restart the game.
  • You can now run external scripts with the function runscript("scriptname")! You can also load external data with the functions loadtext("textfile") and loaddata("csvfile"). See data/text/scripts/MODDING.txt for more info!
  • Lots of general cleaning up of alpha features in spreadsheets that confuse new modders.
  • Added support for creating custom symbols for custom status effects.
  • self.changelimitbreak() should now work reliably.
  • Witch spells are automatically taged "spell" in Gamedata for getequipmentlist filters.
  • Allow generator access to external scripts.
  • New script function "inflicttofighter(fighter, status, ?amount)" lets you specify the target of status effect inflictions.
  • self.resetvar(v) now removes the variable in the map instead of setting it to 0. New function self.varexists(v) can be used to check if a variable exists. Same for equipment variables.
  • The "showgold" equipment tag now works correctly.
  • If you mod shock to require more than one slot, the AI now knows how to handle it instead of getting stuck.
  • Prevent crashes if there's a syntax error in a script.
  • Error messages have been improved and are generally clearer and more informative.
  • Fix infinite loop crash if e.onstartturn script contains a script that replaces itself.
  • Fixed a crash bug if you use `giveequipment` in an equipment before start turn or end turn script.
  • Changed Marshmallow rule to load data from a csv file.
  • Moved Encyclopedia gadget list to a data file.
  • Made Expect the Unexpected more modable.
  • Added new modding functions `Spellbook.getnumpreparedslots()` and `Spellbook.getnumupgradedslots()`.
  • Added a tag system for equipment to replace showgold, errorimmune, hidereuseable and appearsforparts.
  • Moved excluded enemies lists into "scripts/diceydungeons/excludedenemies.csv".
  • Robot episodes 5 and 6 now load jackpot skills from "jackpotskills.csv".
  • Mimic now loads random equipment from "mysterybox.txt".
  • Moved Sneezy remix rule to remixes/sneezy.hx and moved Val remix rule to remixes/val.hx.
  • The sixth character's level up packs have been moved to external scripts.
  • Renamed "items.csv" to "skills.csv".
  • Moved Initial Equipment lists for Bonus Rounds into moddable csv files.
  • Run "End Turn" scripts when you win a fight.
  • Give script function access to haxe's Math class.
  • Basic support for custom innate text.
  • Added lots of fun new equipment tags for modders - "cannotsteal", "shockimmune", "shockavoid", "weakenimmune", "weakenavoid", "altpoisonimmune", "altpoisonavoid", "curseavoid", "curseattract",  "shockattract", "weakenattract".
  • Added more views to translator mode. (it can now show jinxes, innates, special equipment panels, and lots of other new things).
  • Fixed a bug in the Inventor "Unfocused" skill that caused it to fail. (Thanks to XenonZed for suggesting a fix here!)
  • The "showgold" equipment tag now works correctly.
  • self.resetvar(v) now removes the variable in the map instead of setting it to 0. New function self.varexists(v) can be used to check if a variable exists. Same for equipment variables.
  • New script function "inflicttofighter(fighter, status, ?amount)" lets you specify the target of status effect inflictions.


Dicey Dungeons (Windows) 435 MB
Version 1.9 Sep 14, 2020
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Dicey Dungeons (Linux) 439 MB
Version 1.9 Sep 14, 2020
Dicey Dungeons (Windows, 32 bit for compatibility) 432 MB
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Dicey Dungeons (Linux, 32 bit for compatibility) 441 MB
Version 1.9 Sep 14, 2020

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Thanks for the updates, but I also would love to know what you were thinking when balancing the Level 4 adventures, particularly for thief. It's like an otherwise fun, solid game completely falls off a cliff into a hellhole of frustration. I'm trying to be kind, but it also seems like a curious choice.