Dicey Dungeons Version 1.8

Welcome to version v1.8 of Dicey Dungeons! Lots of cool new things in this update, so I'll get right to it:

Highlights of the new build:

  • Dicey Dungeons has Gamepad controls now! We've worked really hard to make these as good as they can be, and I think they've ended up being a really great way to play the game. These controls are mostly the work of Ruari O'Sullivan, who's been working hard to get them feeling fun and natural.
  • We've added two new enemies to the game: Bounty Hunter and Drain Monster! As some of you might know already, these two enemies were cut at the last minute before the game's original v1.0 release, but it's always been my plan to add them officially at some point. Bounty Hunter previously only made an appearance as an achievement challenge and a remix rule, but now he's a fully fledged enemy! Drain Monster, on the other hand, only existed as unused data files until now. They're both now in the game as rare encounters.
  • I've done a substantial design update to Robot episode 3, You Choose, You Lose. This is another thing I've wanted to do since the game launched - I love this episode, but I don't think it's been living up to its potential. I hope you like the changes!
  • Dicey Dungeons is now available in Irish! This is another huge thing I've wanted to do since launch, and have been talking about for a long time. There aren't many games available in Irish so this is a big deal for me! Thank you to our translators at Ríomhacadamh for making this happen. (And if you're really into playing games in Irish, take a look at If Found..., a new narrative-driven game from DREAMFEEL just out this week; playable in other languages as well of course.)

Looking for more mods to play with Dicey Dungeons? There's a new one out today that I'd love to draw your attention to: TheMysticSword's MegaQuest!

Megaquest is an enormous 36 episode mod for Dicey Dungeons, featuring lots of new rule changes, enemies, and equipment. It started development way back when Dicey Dungeons was in alpha, and I'm really excited to see it finished!

MegaQuest has a dial-it-up-to-11 approach to its design that I really, really dig. Its rule changes range from "everyone is a vampire" to "all attack damage is doubled", and it all somehow kind of works. It's really great stuff.

Here's the full change log for v1.8:

  • Dicey Dungeons is now available in Irish!
  • Added gamepad controls.
  • Added new enemy, Bounty Hunter (rare).
  • Added new enemy, Drain Monster (rare).
  • Robot Episode 3, "You Choose, You Lose" has had a design rework.
  • Optimised transitions between floors, reduced save time.
  • Optimisations to backgrounds and animations, which speeds up various parts of the game (e.g. loading the boss background, viewing the challenges screen).
  • New options menu.
  • Don't apply poison damage to the player if they're fleeing from combat.
  • When playing as character six, advance the deck after deleting a card or when a card is cursed.
  • Added a dice silhouette to the locked characters in the credits screen.
  • In episodes where enemy equipment is upgraded and the upgraded equipment would just reduce in size, use character six's upgrade instead. (affects Handyman's Hammer, Rhino Beetle's Battle Axe, and Bounty Hunter's Electromagnet).
  • Added accessibility option to disable screen shake and flashes.
  • Major clean up to formatting on Russian translation.
  • Work in progress clean ups to formatting on all other translations, including fixing line breaks in the challenge screen, fixing many cases of out of bounds text, etc.
  • Fixed a number of untranslated string bugs, e.g. Win/Loss info on episode screen.
  • Fixed some bugs around panels appearing in the wrong place when you viewed enemy moves.
  • New Equipment for Robot: System Shock and Flame War.
  • New command line argument "-translator" allows you to access the game's translator mode, showing all strings from the game in one place. Might be of interest to modders!
  • New variables on equipment, "unavailabletext:String" and "unavailabledetails:Array<String>" allow modders to specify details on unavailable equipment. (See Bounty Hunter's "Yoink" equipment for an example).
  • Fix for distorted player if you start another round immediately after completing the final episode.
  • Sorceress can now randomly get Weaken spells as well as Fire, Ice and Shock.
  • Fixed animations running super fast when the game resumes after being suspended.
  • Fix upgraded equipment moving around in inventory across save + load.
  • Fix Snap! on matching equipment that has the "Shock?" status.
  • Fixed a visual glitch with Rotten Apple.
  • Lots of tiny visual fixes and clean-ups to various elements of the game.

Thanks to everyone for playing! Hope you enjoy the update, and see you soon for v1.9!


Dicey Dungeons (Windows) 435 MB
Version 1.8 May 28, 2020
Dicey Dungeons (Mac OSX) 436 MB
Version 1.8 May 28, 2020
Dicey Dungeons (Linux) 439 MB
Version 1.8 May 28, 2020
Dicey Dungeons (Windows, 32 bit for compatibility) 432 MB
Version 1.8 May 28, 2020
Dicey Dungeons (Linux, 32 bit for compatibility) 441 MB
Version 1.8 May 28, 2020

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I ran into another small bug yesterday.

I was playing as the Witch, episode 4, against the Keymaster.

Because he has only one die, I aimed at the "Lock all dice" achievement. One of my spell was to lock the enemy die on a certain number (don't remember the name).

I put this spell on my 4 slots, put 4 different numbers in there to increase my chances at locking his only die, and managed to do so after a few turns.

But this method didn't unlock the achievement, even though his only die got locked this way.


Ah! Interesting, I don't have a check for this for the achievement. Should be an easy thing to add for v1.9, thanks!

can you add don’t look back to itch.Io?

can you add don’t look back to itch.io

Hi! Big fan of your work! You're one of the developers that inspired me along with Jonathan Blow and Phil Fish that got me into becoming an indie dev, so much love!

I ran into an issue yesterday I was able to reproduce 3 times.

- Die: Inventor

- Episode: 2

- The issue: One of my two gadgets was a "Steal" gadget, I was able to use it properly, but every time I used it, it crashed the game as I put a die in the slot. It happened twice versus the hedgehog, and once in another fight.

- Version: v1.8.2 / 0.13.0 (mod API)

- Sess. ID: dicey_dungeons_2020-06-07_22'38'12 (started: 2020-06-07 22:38:12)

- Stacktrace:
crashed: 2020-06-07 23:42:53
duration: 01:04:40
error: ERROR in callscenemethod(Combat,update) static : Null Object Reference, stack = 
Called from elements.Equipment.willbecomeready (elements/Equipment.hx line 3418)
Called from states.Combat.gamepadactivateselectedcombo (states/Combat.hx line 1684)
Called from states.Combat.updategamepad (states/Combat.hx line 1969)
Called from states.Combat.update (states/Combat.hx line 552)
Called from Reflect.callMethod (C:\coding\haxe\openfl\std/cpp/_std/Reflect.hx line 55)
haxegon.Scene.callscenemethod (haxegon/Scene.hx line 93)
haxegon.Scene.update (haxegon/Scene.hx line 53)
haxegon.Core.doupdate (haxegon/Core.hx line 268)
haxegon.Core.onEnterFrame (haxegon/Core.hx line 182)
starling.events.EventDispatcher.__invokeEvent (starling/events/EventDispatcher.hx line 184)
starling.events.EventDispatcher.dispatchEvent (starling/events/EventDispatcher.hx line 144)
starling.display.DisplayObject.dispatchEvent (starling/display/DisplayObject.hx line 778)
starling.display.DisplayObjectContainer.broadcastEvent (starling/display/DisplayObjectContainer.hx line 449)
starling.display.Stage.advanceTime (starling/display/Stage.hx line 108)
starling.core.Starling.advanceTime (starling/core/Starling.hx line 469)
starling.core.Starling.nextFrame (starling/core/Starling.hx line 455)
starling.core.Starling.onEnterFrame (starling/core/Starling.hx line 682)
openfl.events.EventDispatcher.__dispatchEvent (openfl/events/EventDispatcher.hx line 443)
openfl.display.DisplayObject.__dispatch (openfl/display/DisplayObject.hx line 1236)

By the way, I'm glad you have auto-saves in these cases!

Hey, thanks for this! I think I know what's causing this, and should be able to fix it for v1.9! Appreciate the crash log too :)

After intalling the new update, my game crashes as soon as I begin the first fight.  I have tried with different characteres, and have the same problem.  Is there a fix?

Hey - are you on Linux? Try a clean reinstall, this seems to be an asset corruption issue.

Just saw it on Windows 10 - clean reinstall got me past it, though

I reinstalled on win10 (maybe the worst windows !) and now combat works, but I cannot access the Irish language version (interested due to  Nova Scotian  gaelic) and no bounty hunter or drain mosnter after 7 play-throughs.  I'm not much of a PC gamer, but I love me some dicey dungeons.  T.C.:  Thanks for responding personally, I am a big fan!  

Hey! That's odd, what happens if you try to change language in the options menu? Does Irish not appear? Could you send me a screenshot of the language selection screen?


I reinstalled a second time and now it is there!  Thanks for all the hard work on these updates.  My mother is from Cape Breton and I will see how she does with the Irish language version.   Good luck with taking Dicey Dungeons to the next level!