Dicey Dungeons v0.11

Hello! Dicey Dungeons has been update to v0.11! This update brings all new art by Marlowe Dobbe, and music by Chipzel! Here's a complete run down of the changes: http://diceydungeons.com/blog/2018/08/05/version-11.html

Excited to finally share this version! Thanks for playing <3


(old version) v0.11.1 alpha 76 MB
Aug 06, 2018

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Can I help you in translating the game into Russian? I would like to see it in my native language if that's possible ;)

Hey! Thanks, but I have someone working on this now!

Hi, Terry! I'm loving the game. Two small bugs I noticed in this build:

* The Crowbar still lowers the countdowns on shocked items, and this can even make them go off.

* Placing a blinded die on a countdown leaves behind the little "?" square even when the item goes off.

The new art is exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished version.

The graphism are very beautiful ! Do you think that you will make a french version ?

Yes! Very soon, I hope - it's being worked on :)

Nice !