Dicey Dungeons v0.12

Hey all! Dicey Dungeons has been updated to version 0.12! This version reintroduces the Witch and the Robot, adds new Art, Music, and enemies!

For a full list of changes, see here: http://diceydungeons.com/blog/2018/08/31/version-12.html

Thanks for playing <3


(old version) v0.12.1 alpha 78 MB
Sep 02, 2018

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Do you need any help for the french translation?

I think it's pretty well taken care of! What do you think of the French translation?


Yes! The witch is back, long live the witch!

Robot definitely feels a fair bit easier now, which I like.

Man, I'm having a really hard time with the Robot on Hard mode, I don't think I've won once.  The witch seems even harder as well now.  At least it keeps me playing!