Dicey Dungeons v0.14

Hello everyone! Dicey Dungeons v0.14 is out!This build is mostly about polishing up some rough edges, and consolidating what we’ve got so far - but there’s some cool new stuff as well! 

I’ve also made some improvements to the Jester, although it’s still in Alpha for this version. The Jester can now finds Booster Packs, which offer a combination of three cards, some good, some bad - take all of them or none of them. Also, I’ve introduced Finale Cards! Finale Cards are powerful cards that only appear for the Jester if you use everything else in your hand in a single turn!

I’ve also made dozens of little changes to all the characters, including changes to starting equipment and item distribution. Still planning a major design pass soon, but these improvements should help things a little until then.

For a full list of changes, see here: http://diceydungeons.com/blog/2018/10/13/version-14.html

Thanks for playing <3


(old version) v0.14 Windows 206 MB
Oct 13, 2018
(old version) v0.14 Mac OSX 206 MB
Oct 13, 2018
(old version) v0.14 Linux 210 MB
Oct 13, 2018
(old version) v0.14 Windows (32 bit for compatibility) 204 MB
Oct 13, 2018
(old version) v0.14 Linux (32 bit for compatibility) 210 MB
Oct 13, 2018

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hi i have bought  and downloaded this game but now that a new update has come out i cant download it because it tells me to buy again why?

Hey - this sounds like a bug with the itch store. You should get in touch with itch support, I'm sure they'll help you out. https://itch.io/support

hi terry so i bought your game when you first released it for 7.50 but wasnt through itch.io so i ended up getting an email taking me to a site where i could download the latest versions of your awesome game however i have sense lost that email as i must have accidently deleted it some time ago and now i have no idea how to upgrade without buying it. i will message itch support as well to see if there is a way they can give me the game instead of me rebuying it as i already did and thus allowing it to be updated automatically and no site needed to do so but if they refuse it would you happen to know what the site is that holds the downloads for latest patches

Wait, you didn't buy the game on itch? Where did you buy the game??? If someone else sold you a copy, they're scamming you - it's only available for sale here right now.

oh so I checked old bank statements I apologize I did in fact buy it here but it was bc there wasnt a way to automatically update it that I thought it was bought elsewhere I'm sorry I screen shot it and will show itch that I do own it yet says to buy it again thanks for your time and sorry. P.s I love the game.

Ok, no worries! I hope itch are able to sort it out for you!

Text for english won't load :(

Hello ! I hope you all had a nice christmas !

I wonder, the game work fine for me but it happens that it slowed down at some moment like there was a lag issue, and it was making the game very annoying to play.

Lauching the exe in admin mode didn't changed that, but apparently putting the game on win 7 compatibility mode (I have windows 7 SP2 or 3), it resolved that problem.

I had a few crashes (twice when doing second dice mission of the sorcerer). In normal mode, there was no crash.

Why no more updates?

Hey - I'm sorry it's been so long since the last update. I just posted a blog post about where we are, and what the plan is for v0.15: http://distractionware.com/blog/2018/12/whens-the-next-update-coming-out/

I just download 0.14 version with 32bit compatibility and game crash just after start, here is my device: https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/product-support/product/optiplex-760

Ah! Sorry about that :( Can you use the 64 bit version? That should generally work much better, if your computer can run it!

Hiya, Two things, firstly, balancing wise I feel second wind for the jester is a bit too good, I managed to take 10 extra turns and just kill a boss just with poison. (around 30 odd points of stacked poison) Related to that however my second wind was not loading against a fireman when I ran out of cards unless I progressed to passing the turn.

Also if you try to copy an empty hand it will crash the game. I took some burn damage from a dice which emptied my dice pool and turned on my ability. Second of wind should have triggered but didnt. Tried to copy and my game just died.

Its an insanely fun game and cant wait to see where it goes though :)


Hi ! Can't launch the standalone, the game instantly crash. I used to play with the html version, but now that it isn't updated anymore, I'm cornered to the non functioning for me standalone one.
Thank you for your hard work !

Hi Terry, small bug to report. When the Thief steals the Ice Age skill from the Yeti, the box goes out of the play area, so it can't actually be filled

Just updated the game, wondering why the volume control option has been removed? (As, I believe, is the rest of my household, as I normally play at volume 15)

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Hi Terry, absolutely loving the game so far. Just wanted to mention that I was playing as the Inventor, and when I got to the Vampire boss on the fifth floor and beat him the game immediately crashed (with some popup window, the contents of which I did not note). Anyways, keep up the great work!

Ah, sorry to hear that! The crash report might be in your diceydungeons/log/ folder possibly?  If so, let me know!

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Oh no problem at all, I just figured you might want to know. And it is indeed! (it says version 0.12.1, but I just want to clarify that I downloaded v0.14)

filename:    diceydungeons
package:    com.terrycavanaghgames.diceydungeons
version:    0.12.1
sess. ID:    dicey_dungeons_2018-10-17_04'48'36
started:    2018-10-17 04:48:36
crashed:    2018-10-17 05:05:22
duration:    00:16:45
error:        ERROR in callscenemethod(Combat,update) static : ERROR in callscenemethod(TerribleCurse,reset) static : Null Object Reference, stack = Called from elements.Skill.new (elements/Skill.hx line 24)
Called from elements.LevelUpReward.new (elements/LevelUpReward.hx line 43)
Called from states.TerribleCurse.reset (states/TerribleCurse.hx line 57)
Called from Reflect.callMethod (C:\coding\haxe\haxe\std/cpp/_std/Reflect.hx line 55), stack = Called from haxegon.Scene.callscenemethod (haxegon/Scene.hx line 90)
Called from haxegon.Scene.change (haxegon/Scene.hx line 122)
Called from states.Combat.changescene (states/Combat.hx line 1002)
Called from elements.CombatCommand.execute (elements/CombatCommand.hx line 570)
Called from states.Combat.update (states/Combat.hx line 141)
Called from Reflect.callMethod (C:\coding\haxe\haxe\std/cpp/_std/Reflect.hx line 55)
haxegon.Scene.callscenemethod (haxegon/Scene.hx line 90)
haxegon.Scene.update (haxegon/Scene.hx line 53)
haxegon.Core.doupdate (haxegon/Core.hx line 252)
haxegon.Core.onEnterFrame (haxegon/Core.hx line 173)
starling.events.EventDispatcher.__invokeEvent (starling/events/EventDispatcher.hx line 184)
starling.events.EventDispatcher.dispatchEvent (starling/events/EventDispatcher.hx line 144)
starling.display.DisplayObject.dispatchEvent (starling/display/DisplayObject.hx line 778)
starling.display.DisplayObjectContainer.broadcastEvent (starling/display/DisplayObjectContainer.hx line 449)
starling.display.Stage.advanceTime (starling/display/Stage.hx line 108)
starling.core.Starling.advanceTime (starling/core/Starling.hx line 469)
starling.core.Starling.nextFrame (starling/core/Starling.hx line 455)
starling.core.Starling.onEnterFrame (starling/core/Starling.hx line 682)
openfl.events.EventDispatcher.__dispatchEvent (openfl/events/EventDispatcher.hx line 443)
openfl.display.DisplayObject.__dispatch (openfl/display/DisplayObject.hx line 1236)

Ahh, thank you so much! This is super useful!

Happy to help!