Dicey Dungeons v0.16.3

Surprise! It's another update!

Embarrassingly, I broke something in yesterday's patch - I accidentally deleted a piece of equipment from the game, which caused some episodes not to work. I've fixed that now, as well as a few other small things. I also added some code to the game to check for problems like this in future, so that this sorta thing never happens again. Better now than after launch, I guess!

(This might be a good time to remind you about itch.io's excellent app, which can download patches for each version change. The automatic patches for this version are just 8MB - quite a bit smaller than the size of redownloading the whole thing!)

Anyway, thanks for playing! Hope you're all enjoying v0.16!


Dicey Dungeons (Windows) 386 MB
Version 0.16.3 Mar 06, 2019
Dicey Dungeons (Mac OSX) 387 MB
Version 0.16.3 Mar 06, 2019
Dicey Dungeons (Linux) 390 MB
Version 0.16.3 Mar 06, 2019
Dicey Dungeons (Windows, 32 bit for compatibility) 384 MB
Version 0.16.3 Mar 06, 2019
Dicey Dungeons (Linux, 32 bit for compatibility) 392 MB
Version 0.16.3 Mar 06, 2019

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Hello ! I've bought your game and i played all night yesterday, i had a great time !

I thought you might know some of the issues i encountered so here's a list :

- Game crash almost everytime after finishing an episode and then pick a new one

- Some enemy doesn't talk at the end of the fight (maybe on purpose?)

- In the parrallel universe of the warrior, i got an equipment, but it vanished right after, my equipment was full, but not my bag

- If you buy an item upgrade in the shop, then quit at the upgrade item selection screen, your gold is not refunded

- The editor mode is really buggy and keep crashing

- The french translation is very poor, and it just 50-60% complete since there's a lot of english text mixted with french text (personaly i don't care but for french player that don't read english this might be a problem)

Except for this points, the game run really smooth ! I'm waiting for tonight to play it again :D

Thank you for this game,


Hello Terry.  Is this game still being developed?  No updates in two months.  And no message or responses at all on the Steam forum for this game.  Folks over there are saying it's dead.  

Is there any light at the end of the tunnel for a final release soon, please?

Hey! (I responded to your post on the steam forums!)

Current plan is to release v0.17 either next friday or the friday after that, and for v1.0 to come out later this summer! The game is very actively in development, but I'm mostly talking about it on twitter and discord!

Here's a recent blog post about what I've been up to lately:

Or, on twitter, some pictures of a new mode in v0.17!

Thank you for the response.  I don't use twitter or hardly any social media, so Steam and itch.io, where I bought the game, are my only sources of info for this game.  Thanks!

My computer sucks it won't even play the game just crashes every time I try to load it. Will have to wait to get a new computer in less than a month.

Hi, I just launched the 0.16.3 version and the sound doesn't seem to work? Too bad I can't test it properly the story looks like a lot of fun :-)

Ok I just saw the same comment on the 0.16.2 post I will try the solution and wait for 0.17 ^^

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Putting it here if anyone has the same bug. -> place the folder in C:// it worked for me :-)

This game is great and I can't wait until it is released fully, however I am having problems booting up the game in linux (ubuntu), any help?

Error: Could not load module lime@lime_application_create_prime

Love this game so far! I couldn't find a formal place to submit bug reports, so I'm going to try here.

Witch episode 3: Countdown. Encountered after reaching lv. 3, and selecting a new spell slot as my perk.

Got it, thank you! Should have this fixed for v0.17!

Great game!!  Weird question,  is there any chance of having a party based mode? 

Whew this game is excellent! Just blew through a dungeon and the rules are so simple to internalize but can make some complex situations.

The only small thing I noticed during play was that when the dice tween off screen at the end of a round, if any of them are on fire, you can see the tip of the flame. Either tweening them further down or removing status effects at the end of a fight would fix it!

Again whew whew what an excellent game! Great work!

I have a bug, the english text for menus and a few other things wont load. For some reason parts of the text load in battle and for the dialog part. I have had this bug since I downloaded it. It might be a font problem.


This sounds like the distorted text bug described here: http://diceydungeons.com/techsupport.html

Hey just a quick UI thing - the way that the 'flee' option is described made me think that I would look back at what happened the previous turn when clicking it, so I clicked it (which, in hindsight, would have been entirely useless) only to find myself leaving the fight. Just a small thing, but it might be an idea to have it more clearly stated that it is the option to flee :)

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I keep getting a crash on load on the latest update.

I click launch, see an all black screen, then that error. Clicking OK kills the app.

I've tried reinstalling.

I've got Windows 10, x64, GeForce GTX 1080

I just had this problem downloading the new version and extracting it into the same folder as my old version (and just rewriting all the duplicates). I then deleted the whole folder and re-extracted the new version into its own folder and it opened up without issue.

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Ah. I'm using the itch client. Maybe if I try uninstalling and then installing again, instead of the reinstall option. Will give that a go.

Edit: Fixed it! Nice!

Is it normal that, upon completion of a robot run, all of my episode completion marks disappeared?

Nope, that sounds like a bug! We found a saved progress bug related to switching languages that we're looking into now, hope to have it fixed for v0.17!