Dicey Dungeons Version 1.3

Wow! Has it really been two weeks? I hope you've all enjoyed being turned into walking dice and cursed to fight in Lady Luck's dungeons forever!

Got a new update today, v1.3! This is a big one! As usual, I'll post the full changelog below, but here are the highlights:

  • I've made a number of balance changes in today's update, but the most significant for most players are probably the nerfs to Aoife and Kraken, and an increased number of health pickups in Witch episodes.
  • For Aoife, I've reduced her health - as a shield focused boss, she essentially had way more health than the other bosses - this should help even things out. (I'm considering other changes too, but let's start with that and see how it goes. Don't wanna make her too easy, now.)
  • Kraken's overwhelm attack was tuned a little bit too high too, I think - I've reduced the number of times they can use it each turn, which makes them more in line with other level 4 enemies.
  • And as for the Witch change, I've been watching a lot of people play over the last two weeks, and I think this distribution just makes more sense.
  • I've fixed a number of bugs with Bonus Round rules - in particular, Hothead, Cowboy and Handyman should now work correctly. More importantly, though, I've made a few changes to the distribution of rule changes in these episodes, which I think feels much better!
  • We've got two new translations, Turkish and Russian! We've also some updates to Chinese, French, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese. More coming soon!

The full changelog:

New and updated:

  • Added Russian translation! (beta)
  • Added Turkish translation! (beta)
  • Updates to Chinese, French, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Removed mis-spelt French VICTIORE sign, replaced with English "YOU WIN!" for now. (Doh, sorry, we're re-doing it)
  • Made some small changes to how episode availability is presented.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that was rearranging the inventory between the backpack and combat screens.
  • Fixed the downgraded versions of several pieces of equipment: Moonlight Spear, Ray Gun, Hacksaw, Singularity, Bee Sting, Backstab.
  • Fixed the upgraded versions of Plaster, Lantern, Two Handed Sword and Four Handed Sword.
  • Fixed a glitch that allowed you to reuse a copy station over and over.
  • Fixed a crash bug that could happen if you tried to use Counter Spell against Scathach (she's immune, but the game crashed if you tried it anyway).
  • Fixed a crash bug that happened if Copycat tried to use Backstab.
  • Fixed a save bug that could potentially cause a crash in the Final episode (if you saved and resumed right before the last battle).
  • Fixed the damage display on Particle Accelerator.
  • Copycat now correctly uses once per battle equipment.
  • Aurora, Sorceress, and Mimic now use upgraded equipment on Elimination Rounds.
  • Fixed the upgraded and downgraded versions of Aurora's weather spells.
  • Handyman rule on Bonus Rounds now correctly only affects the player, not enemies.
  • Fixed the Cowboy rule on Bonus Rounds.
  • Fixed the Hothead rule on Bonus Rounds.
  • Skeleton Key- now correctly changes dice to 2 instead of 4.
  • Even if you manage to grab a burning dice before it ignites, it now applies burn damage!
  • Cannot use equipment until status effects like Weaken and Shock have been applied to it.
  • Fixed Lojinx.
  • A few other small misc fixes.

Balance changes:

  • Improved the distribution of Bonus Round remix rules.
  • Overwhelm is now 2 uses per turn instead of 3. Overwhelm+ is now 3 uses per turn instead of unlimited.
  • Added a small number of extra health pickups to Witch runs.
  • Removed Bronze Cauldron from Witch's Bonus Round initial equipment choices.
  • Reduced Aoife's health.
  • Gave Wicker Man an extra dice.
  • Removed a dice from Copycat.
  • On Elimination Rounds, Copycat now gets upgraded equipment.
  • Aurora's weather spells do slightly less damage on normal modes...
  • ...but she gets an extra dice.
  • Changed Boxing Gloves from ODD to MAX5.

Things we're currently working on, and hope to have ready soon:

  • More translations! (Irish, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, and Traditional Chinese are in the works and still to come.)
  • More and more bug fixes!

Thanks for playing, everyone!


Dicey Dungeons (Windows) 435 MB
Version 1.3 Aug 29, 2019
Dicey Dungeons (Mac OSX) 436 MB
Version 1.3 Aug 29, 2019
Dicey Dungeons (Linux) 439 MB
Version 1.3 Aug 29, 2019
Dicey Dungeons (Windows, 32 bit for compatibility) 432 MB
Version 1.3 Aug 29, 2019
Dicey Dungeons (Linux, 32 bit for compatibility) 441 MB
Version 1.3 Aug 29, 2019

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I think I found a bug - I used boomerang as my last move in conjunction with fury, and i took damage after the battle ended. After that, on the world map my HUD kept shaking as though I was taking damage.

That aside, really enjoying it so far!

Really enjoying the game!

Bug report: I used weaken x1 and frost x1 on Crystalina every turn. The weaken knocked out the leftmost equipment but she still went for the countdown on that one on turn one. Every turn after she did absolutely nothing.

Got a softlock in Inventor-6. Fighting the Alchemist, who went bear. She rolled three fours: used one on the open maul, then unshocked the other maul, then got stuck here. Bear continues to animate in her idle pose.

Workaround is currently to close the game and rejoin the episode, which starts right before the fight.

Hi, witnessed a crashing bug on stream:

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/475994647?t=02h10m20s (timestamp at context, crash one minute later).

Apparently it occurs upon trading an object that was upgraded between the time the offer was first checked out and the actual trade.

Hi ! I got a crash when trying the 6th episode of the robot. I play in french, if it helps.

Here is the log.

(By the way, congratulations for the game! It's awesome.)

filename:    diceydungeons
package:    com.terrycavanaghgames.diceydungeons
version:    v1.3.1 / 0.11.0 (mod API)
sess. ID:    dicey_dungeons_2019-08-30_20'42'01
started:    2019-08-30 20:42:01
crashed:    2019-08-30 20:43:45
duration:    00:01:44
error:        ERROR in callscenemethod(LevelUpScreen,update) static : Invalid UTF8, stack = Called from haxe.Utf8.length (/usr/share/haxe/std/cpp/_std/haxe/Utf8.hx line 74)
Called from lime.text._UTF8String.UTF8String_Impl_.get_length (lime/text/UTF8String.hx line 362)
Called from MyLocale.isstringenglish (Locale.hx line 354)
Called from starling.text.ExtendedBitmapFont.bounds (starling/text/ExtendedBitmapFont.hx line 588)
Called from starling.text.ExtendedBitmapFont.fillMeshBatchContainer (starling/text/ExtendedBitmapFont.hx line 451)
Called from starling.text.TextField.updateText (starling/text/TextField.hx line 241)
Called from starling.text.TextField.recompose (starling/text/TextField.hx line 217)
Called from starling.text.TextField.getTextBounds (starling/text/TextField.hx line 349)
Called from starling.text.TextField.get_textBounds (starling/text/TextField.hx line 335)
Called from displayobjects.HaxegonTextField.localcompose (displayobjects/HaxegonTextField.hx line 151)
Called from displayobjects.HaxegonTextField.draw (displayobjects/HaxegonTextField.hx line 162)
Called from displayobjects.Print.draw (displayobjects/Print.hx line 58)
Called from elements.Equipment.render (elements/Equipment.hx line 1879)
Called from elements.Equipment.draw (elements/Equipment.hx line 1610)
Called from elements.LevelUpReward.draw (elements/LevelUpReward.hx line 286)
Called from states.LevelUpScreen.update (states/LevelUpScreen.hx line 1042)
Called from Reflect.callMethod (/usr/share/haxe/std/cpp/_std/Reflect.hx line 55)
haxegon.Scene.callscenemethod (haxegon/Scene.hx line 93)
haxegon.Scene.update (haxegon/Scene.hx line 53)
haxegon.Core.doupdate (haxegon/Core.hx line 268)
haxegon.Core.onEnterFrame (haxegon/Core.hx line 182)
starling.events.EventDispatcher.__invokeEvent (starling/events/EventDispatcher.hx line 184)
starling.events.EventDispatcher.dispatchEvent (starling/events/EventDispatcher.hx line 144)
starling.display.DisplayObject.dispatchEvent (starling/display/DisplayObject.hx line 778)
starling.display.DisplayObjectContainer.broadcastEvent (starling/display/DisplayObjectContainer.hx line 449)
starling.display.Stage.advanceTime (starling/display/Stage.hx line 108)
starling.core.Starling.advanceTime (starling/core/Starling.hx line 469)
starling.core.Starling.nextFrame (starling/core/Starling.hx line 455)
starling.core.Starling.onEnterFrame (starling/core/Starling.hx line 682)
openfl.events.EventDispatcher.__dispatchEvent (openfl/events/EventDispatcher.hx line 443)
openfl.display.DisplayObject.__dispatch (openfl/display/DisplayObject.hx line 1236)


I may yet be able to beat the first witch episode now. Thank you :-) Now I just need a little luck... This from the guy whose GM used to plan plot hooks around failing ridiculously easy checks.. I may still be a while.