Dicey Dungeons Version 1.4

Yay, it's update time! Here are the highlights from v1.4:

 - Right, uh, this one's a little embarrassing: some people were reporting that there was a special song that only played if you quit and loaded your saved game. This was 100% a real thing, but it wasn't intentional! It turns out two of the songs from the soundtrack would just never play until you loaded your game - "Tempting Fate" and "Fighting Chance". I've fixed it, and now they play as intended. (or, to put it another way: there are two extra songs now!)
 - Lots of small quality of life changes and various fixes in this version - for example, Thorns no longer pierces shields, I made some small but important changes to how episode progression works, and if you buy an upgrade from the shops and change your mind, you can back out of it without losing your money.

The full changelog (beware of spoilers):
 - Added 17 new challenges.
 - Changed the enemy profile that's associated with many of the challenges.
 - Removed the "Survive an attack from Cornelius" challenge (if you're trying to get it intentionally, it's too grindy and not fun).
 - Disable the unlocking of challenges if any mods are active.
 - Change to episode unlock progression: If you select a character that you've completed the first episode for BEFORE episodes are unlocked, go to the episode selection screen to show that the rest of the episodes are still locked.
 - Change to episode unlock progression: Once episodes are unlocked, you can play any of the first three episodes for all unlocked characters, even if you haven't completed the first episode.
 - Fixed a bug that prevented the tracks "Tempting Fate" and "Fighting Chance" from playing unless you loaded a saved game.
 - Fixed wrong atmosphere music on Dungeon (it was using Dark Forest instead).
 - If you don't scrap equipment when playing as inventor for any reason, in the next fight you'll have a Broken Gadget instead of keeping the last thing you had.
 - Fixed a softlock bug that could occur during Double Rubble if you only brought one piece of equipment into a fight.
 - Lowered the Countdown on Wisp's Fool's Fire from 16 to 12.
 - Fixed a double counting bug that affected Kraken's Overwhelm attack.
 - Burn?ing dice now works correctly on countdown equipment.
 - Fixed a soft lock bug that could sometimes occur if you clicked on a activateable node while you were walking over it towards somewhere else.
 - Prevent the player from triggering their limit break while previewing enemy moves.
 - Added a new example mod, "Victiore". ("Victiore" is basically French for "You Defeated")
 - Added the ability to go back to the shop/level up screen if you change your mind about choosing an upgrade, copy or delete.
 - Changed Thorns to no longer pierce shields.
 - Fixed Lock status effect on Robot.
 - When previewing enemy equipment as Jester, hide the Jester's UI correctly.
 - Fixed a bug where if you traded a small item for a big one with Val, you got to keep the original item too.
 - Countdown equipment that has been cursed and has disappeared will now no longer mysteriously consume dice.
 - When playing remix episodes, if the player leaves and continues in a "select rule" screen, the screen will be shown after continuing.
Things we're currently working on, and hope to have ready soon:

 - For the next update, I want to focus on some more balance changes - in particular, I think some upgraded enemy equipment needs tweaking for Elimination Rounds, especially Sneezy who's way too powerful when upgraded. I'm also still thinking about the equipment distribution for the Witch. (When it comes to balance changes like this, I prefer to take my time and figure things out properly, to make sure I get things right!)
 - I'm also looking forward to adding some new rule remixes for Bonus Round episodes!
 - Two new enemies are coming soon - Bounty Hunter and Drain Monster!
 - More translations! (Irish, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, and Traditional Chinese are in the works and still to come.)
 - More and more bug fixes!

Thanks for playing, everyone!


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Version 1.4 Sep 14, 2019
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Version 1.4 Sep 14, 2019
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Version 1.4 Sep 14, 2019

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Im loving this game and the way you chose do use CSV files is so refreshing and fun to look through! I do have a question.. There is a file: statuseffect.csv where we can append new status effects to it. However I cannot find where we can give functionality to our new effects? If you are able to shed some light that would be fantastic!


Oh! The status effects sheet mostly just holds data about descriptions and icons and stuff. The actual effects are implemented in the game. However, modders have been able to equipment scripts to control custom status effect implementations!

I recommend joining the discord - that's where most discussion of this sort of thing is happening right now :)


thats interesting! whats the discord?

It's here! https://discord.gg/PBW2t76

- Added a new example mod, "Victiore". ("Victiore" is basically French for "You Defeated")

Saw several issues in the game with french translation... maybe you should check with other french players.

"- Added a new example mod, "Victiore". ("Victiore" is basically French for "You Defeated")"

Absolutely NOT! Firstly, it's badly spelled, it is actually "Victoire".

Also, it does NOT mean "Defeated", it means the opposite: "Victory".


Sorry, that's a joke - The joke is that the mod replicates the typo from the earlier version of the game. The "You Defeated" thing is referencing a mistranslation in early versions of Dark Souls.

Ooooooh, I thought maybe the type could be a joke but I didn't know about the DS one. XP